Special Protocol COVID-19 for prevention and health

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It is the responsibility of all of us to avoid the spread and contain the Covid-19 virus, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the protocol of the local authorities to guarantee more tranquillity and security during your stay. Be sure to check for travel restrictions before booking and traveling. Face mask is required.
Our Staff has received training in preventive measures from Covid-19. It has the necessary protection equipment at all times.
The capacity is controlled and the necessary measures are established to ensure the distance between clients and employees.Travelers will have hydroalcoholic solutions on arrival and there will be a non-contact thermometer, although its use is not mandatory. Safety distances must be respected, at least 1.5-2 meters, whenever possible.
Measures such as magnetic keys are encouraged, in addition to payment by card or other electronic means, preferably contactless. Cards or keys will be cleaned with disinfectant at the end of the stay or after each use if they are deposited at reception. Counters and pens will also be disinfected with each use.
Textiles are reduced as much as possible, as well as decorative items. The blankets and pillows in the closets are sealed.The bathroom bin has a lid, double bag and non-manual operation. Rooms will not be cleaned while the customer is inside.
The hair dryer in the room is cleaned (including the filter) at the client's exit, as are the hangers. The trash can is removed from the room in order for any handkerchief, mask, etc. Concentrate in a single trash can with a lid.
The iron loan service is limited.
Customers are informed of the maximum elevator capacity. The rule of not sharing between people from different family units will be applied, unless masks are used. The use of stairs is suggested. Safety distances must be respected, at least 1.5-2 meters, whenever possible.
Handling food by customers is reduced to reduce risks. Installation of a food protection screen in the cafeteria bar, where customers will place orders. Customers do not have direct access to the food,but they can see the food they will choose and it will be served. Only the staff will prepare the individual or single-dose plasters. The elements and equipment of common use, and decorative elements are eliminated.
To avoid crowds in certain areas and prevent contact between customers, the dining room on the ground floor is reorganized.
Common areas
Particular attention is paid to cleaning and disinfecting common use areas. Face mask is required. 
The capacity of the different common spaces is limited to 75%. Disinfectant solution is available in places of transit and intensive use facilities by customers. Likewise, the toilets in common use have paper dispensers for drying, and cleaning several times a day.

Within a maximum period of 24 hours from arrival, travelers must communicate their contact and stay information in Galicia. For this purpose, they must fill out the form available at the link https://coronavirus.sergas.gal/viaxeiros or supply such data by calling 881 00 20 21. Likewise, the communication of contact details to through the application that for these effects can enable the Department of Health.
The data must be supplied by the traveler or his/her legal representative, who will be responsible for ensuring that the information collected is truthful and accurate.